810 Active Users in Decentraland: CoinDesk and Atlas Corp. Count Metaverse Population

•CoinDesk worked with Atlas Corp. to determine an accurate count of active players in Decentraland, which was estimated at 810 users on an average day.
•At the Metaverse Music Festival, 3,668 active users with a non-fungible token (NFT) in their wallet were identified.
•The challenge of sorting bots from real people, and then even real people can be inactive or AFK, is a difficult task in determining the population of Decentraland.

As the world of virtual reality continues to shape our global landscape, more and more people are turning to metaverse platforms like Decentraland for an immersive, unique experience. With a growing population that’s difficult to measure, CoinDesk decided to work with data company Atlas Corp. to try to determine how many active players are in Decentraland on an average day.

The challenge of conducting a census of the metaverse is rooted in sorting real people from bots, as well as the fact that many users can be inactive or AFK (away from keyboard) for hours, days, or even weeks. In order to filter out bots, Atlas Corp. decided to focus on users who had a non-fungible token (NFT) in their wallet. This also weeds out „tourists“ who simply pop in and out of Decentraland without engaging in meaningful interaction.

At the end of their research, Atlas Corp. determined that an average of 810 users were active in Decentraland on an average day. This number is likely to grow as the platform continues to gain popularity and its users become more invested in the platform’s success. At the Metaverse Music Festival, the active user count was even higher, with 3,668 users being identified with an NFT in their wallet.

Although the task of providing an accurate count of active players in Decentraland is challenging, the efforts of CoinDesk and Atlas Corp. have gone a long way in providing a number that reflects the true population of this metaverse. This number is a valuable resource for anyone interested in understanding the growth of Decentraland and the impact of its users on the platform’s success.